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Hi, my name's Talitha( silent 'h' pronounced Talita') and I make music to make you feel something or forget your worries- but if we're being specific, I make Alternative POP/RNB music with a lot of trap influences. 

I write, I sing, I photograph, I code, I edit - I'm pretty much a one man band. Over the last decade I've spent countless hours watching youtube tutorials, taking courses & research to help create my own lane. I'm deluded in self belief that I can actually make something of myself, but occasionally have days of doubts (It gets like that when you do everything yourself).

One thing about being a Taurus is that you can't tell me anything when my mind is made up. If I'm going to do something, watch me. 

 When it comes to music, this stubbornness transforms into focus, determination and passion. Not only as a female, but a BLACK woman in the music industry I know have to work 2x as hard to make it, and so I shall.



Talitha- press images
One Last Time- press images
Talitha - sunset image
2018-07-10 10.40.49 2 (1)
Talitha - Touch promo images
Talitha in rose Gold hair
Touch promo - Taliktha
promotional image - talitha
Rules & regulations promotion image
Fine on My Own - Single promo
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