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Home Photoshoots: How I take my own photos

With Lockdown in place due to Covid-19, I found myself back doing home photoshoots - something I wanted to avoid because it's VERY time consuming and both mentally and physically demanding. But alas, I had a new song planned to be released so the show had to go on. Here's a quick video I made on Instagram showing you how I take my photos at home. I also did the same thing for 'Fine on My Own', 'Touch', 'Lonely Nights' ... pretty much all my songs apart from 'Higher', my good, talented Photographer buddy Tomas (@Tomas.tm8) shot the cover, and anything where there's some sort of design (E.g. 'Over Here')

I hope you enjoy, and if you're a fellow photographer reading this and looking to collab, don't be shy to hmu:)

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