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What equipment I use to record music 2021

As you know, I record my songs in the comfort of my bedroom studio. I did a video a while ago when I was doing covers about the equipment I used. A lot has change since then, and here's a list below of the equipment I use to record at home. (Side note, these are affiliate links. Just means I get a commission for any sales I make which then go towards investing and creating new music. This is important as an independent artist as money certainly does not grow on trees. )


I have the Canon Eos M10- but, i bought this a while ago and i think it's been discontinued. There are upgrades of the camera I've linked Below.

My EOS M10 is the camera I use to take both videos and all my IG photos. When I bought it it came with a kit lens, and as I got more comfortable with photography I decided to buy some lenses.

Lenses :

Neewer 25mm f/1.8 Lens.

I love this lens! But it also frustrates me because you have to manually set the focus. I've had so many pictures come out blurry because I didn't see that it was out of focus. It also kinda gets boring having to adjust the lens too - I did/ continue to take some bomb photos.


I also use an EF-M adapter to put my lenses on, because most of these aren't canon lenses so I need an adapter for them.


The best tripod EVER! When I'm feeling lazy to use my tripod, I like to use this. It's quick, simple and is SUPER Flexible and strong. I've hung it on door handles, wrapped it around stairs and use it for my shoots all the time.

Shine bright with this light!

Awesome and super bright LED soft light. I like that it's not super harsh on the skin and sometimes you can emulate the 'golden hour' look. It charges by USB which is great and I can pack it away easily when I'm travelling. Comes in different tones- I do wish I got a light that does RGB colours tho.

Photography & Lighting Kit:

I can't believe I've had this set since 2016! I use this when I want my lighting to really 'pop' and have better quality. I broke one of the lights, but they're not too expensive to replace. Infact, they've lasted over the 4 years.

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