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The internet is my Oyster -Talitha


Hi, my name's Talitha, and I make music from my bedroom.

I don't know when exactly I knew I wanted to be an artist - it's just something that's always felt natural like walking.


When I was 14 I was inspired by my fellow artist and old Highschool bestie, Kelly Dante, to start a YouTube Channel ( This was when being a YouTuber wasn't cool) and began posting what I consider now to be 'did I really upload that' cover videos. would post here and there and dropped some original songs, but was never really consistent, to be honest, I thought it would only take a couple of songs and boom homegirl was gone be on billboards... lol, far from it. 


 It wasn't until 2017 when I realised time is flying by and I need to get my act together and take music seriously. The local studio/ youth centre I used to go to had shut down and I couldn't afford studio time so I went on good old Google and typed in 'How to record songs at home'. I spent hours and hours watching tutorials and courses on how to mix and record music; bought some cheap gear on Amazon and started releasing covers back to back non-stop to practice my mixing skills and to try to build myself a platform. 

So many covers but not enough original content - I decided to stop making covers and instead to focus on the latter, and then I released my 'first' serious single 'Okay'. In the 10 years since I started my YouTube Channel, I really thought I'd have blown by now, but thank goodness I haven't yet (manifesting & praying & trusting God's timing) I feel more confident about myself NOW as an artist, image and sound. 


All in all, I'd like to say I make music to help people feel and forget- either way, you'll catch a vibe. 

To clarify, we all have songs that we play when we want to forget all our worries in the world - like when you go to a club and that song comes on that has you fist-pumping the air, and you totally forget that deadline in 2 days. Again, sometimes we wanna FEEL something, we're lonely we wanna FEEL comfort, heartbroken? I'll write a song you can relate to.. even better, just got your nails done, hair did? Aight, a bad bish anthem is on the way, sis.  Not to get all 'dEeP & StUfF' but, I believe music is more than just a beat and words, it has a strong influence on our mood - the frequencies travelling through our eardrums all affect us. That's why I'm really cautious about what I release. If anything, I will always try to emit positive vibes or something that will put you in a better mood - if I sing a sad song, I hope it's more comforting than sad.. you get my drift. 

My mood changes a lot and so does my music style. I might make a Dark pop bop one day or an alternative R&B masterpiece, I don't like to box myself. 

If you read through all of this, wow. Thank you!  

Don't forget to check out the rest of the site and if you're really digging my music you can join the journey and sign up to the mailing list.

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